Stepping out of your comfort zone- is it good for you?

Over 50-plus years, I have always shied away from stepping out of my comfort zone. The main reason for this is that I always fear the worse. I fear what could happen, even if it is entirely safe. Why am I telling you this, you may ask yourself?

Twelve years ago, my comfort zone was continuously challenged when my life changed. I started having an adrenalin rush when doing amazing things like the longest zip wire in the UK, snorkelling, scuba diving even living alone. All these things would never have happened before. I became braver as I realised that opportunities would be missed if I didn’t put myself out there.

The feeling you get when you are out of your comfort zone is fantastic. It makes you feel brave and proud that you have gone against all of your fears to achieve the end goal. Four years ago, my husband had a mad idea of having a boat built to live on after talking it through and saying it would work and be fabulous. We decided to sell the house and 85% of our possessions, move aboard, and travel the English waterways. To many people, this may sound absolutely insane, and yes, to me initially, too. Still, I thought about it seriously: you only have one life. You can keep doing and living the same life day in and day out or go completely out of your comfort zone, live your life to the full, and be brave. I also set up my own business, which I had thought about for many years but, again, was afraid to take that step out of my comfort zone, but wow, was it worth it. I now do what I love helping others and writing children’s books whilst cruising along the water.

What I am saying is life is full of ups and downs. You can end up living a mundane safe life which may be pretty dull, and you drift by each day, or you can keep pushing yourself all the time and keep having the buzz and excitement that life can bring. It doesn’t need to be as dramatic as mine, but I think you will be amazed if you can find something to step out of that comfort zone each month. It is known that stepping out of your comfort zone can make you happier and more fulfilled. It refreshes you and sets you up for the next month. It gives you a chance to try lots of new things and take on lots of adventures, be it big or small, and it will improve your life.

Go for your dream job, and set up your own business doing what you love. Try a new hobby, ride a motorcycle, and abseil down a mountain. These things are possible if you step out of your comfort zone.

A great exercise to do ready for the next step is to draw a circle and inside the circle, write everything that you are comfortable with in your life at present. – Health, current  Job, current finances, friendships, hobbies. Now, you need to start thinking about your desires; these will be just outside the circle, and to get it inside, you’ll probably have to do something new or different. You’re going to have to step outside of your comfort zone.

Stepping out of your comfort zone will give you personal growth. It will eliminate fear and make life more full filling. Go on, do it. What do you have to lose? NOTHING but so much to gain. I promise I have done it and will keep doing it until the end.

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