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Get back on track with your life

In an effort to support clients MKB Life Coach will walk you through a new way to look at things to enable you to see life in a better way. MKB Life Coach will give you the tools to be able to deal with day to day life.

MKB Life Coach Values

Supportive: I will lead you through the tough times & continue to support you on the other side.

Empathetic: I have a true understanding of what you have gone through & am able to understand how you feel.

Affordable: I offer a coaching service that enables everyone to benefit.


Get to Know Me

MKB The Life Coach

For many years I have been studying different coaching techniques and I’ve used these throughout my different jobs.
I’ve been through a lot of ups and downs both in my personal life and my working life and I have now concluded it’s time for me to help you guys.
So, if you are looking for someone to bat off ideas about your worries of day-to-day life’s complications I’m here. If I can’t help, I have a great network of people and products that are able to assist.
Through losing my daughter 9 years ago I have learnt that life is for living you cannot let past traumatic occurrences ruin the rest of your life. My daughter pulls me through the tough times and is there in my thoughts for the joyous occasions and yes if I could turn back the clock, I would want her by my side.
9 years ago, when tragedy struck, I was in a marriage that I thought was ok not great but ok. We’d been together for about 28 years coming up to our 25th anniversary. Then with the loss of our only daughter we drifted further apart. Me being me thought it was due to our grieving, but no it was due to the infidelity of my then-husband. He had been having an affair for a while and hadn’t got the backbone to tell me. I knew things were not right, so I asked him via text as he was out yet again, he replied yes. I packed and walked out. This was the best thing I had done in years.
Yes, it was scary, but you have to get away from toxic people. I had lost my amazing strong daughter, so it was time for her mum to be strong.
I stayed with my parents for a few days then rented a little house and eventually started to build my life again. I met a wonderful man to whom I’m now married, and I’ve realised what a true relationship is.
So, anyone out there who is struggling remember today could be the 1st day of the rest of your life. You only get one don’t let anything stand in your way of enjoying it.
MKB Coach
Love your life.


Personality Assessments

These are a snapshot of you at the time you are completing the assessment. It will look at how you see and react to things at the time of completing the assessment.
Your past current and future life will determine on your results that come out.
You can work on areas to change how you see and react to situations going forward this will enable you to grow and unleash your full potential.


Client Testimonials

Happy Clients


I enjoyed the week. Maxine perfect coach and very encouraging and supportive throughout. Completed the tasks daily and sometimes they were difficult but very rewarding when you worked through them. Love my Happy Jar, it will continue for many years.

It was nice to be encouraged to take time for myself and think about what I want.

Have really enjoyed the week, daily challenges were fun and got me thinking about lots of things that I had buried but really needed to deal with and try to move on from.

Extremely positive & helpful for me, although I wasn't able to take part in the zoom calls, due to techno issues. I found all the tasks really challenging and thought provoking.

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