It’s really not the end.

Grief can feel like the end of the world. It affects people in different ways and every way is ok. The thing is it’s how you deal with it. Everyone deals with it in different ways and it doesn’t matter how but the one main thing I have learnt over the years is you must deal with it.

Dealing with grief is not letting the other person down it’s continuing the life that they had through you. It’s ok if you want to talk about them and people around you should respect that. You will have days that are difficult especially anniversaries, birthdays and tines when you go to special places.

When people around you struggle to talk to you about your loved one don’t feel bad they are the ones that are struggling also and their emotions have not yet let them comprehend the loss so they don’t know what or how to discuss them with you.

If you are in a place and not sure where to go next book a session with me and we will start to build a plan so you can begin to live again.

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