Grief why me

In life we will all will lose someone that means the world to us, at this time everyone will react differently.

The main thing is don’t lose yourself as well. I truly believe that you must continue to live your life as hard as it is to carry on, live the persons memories and their life within yours.

How disappointed would your loved one be if you gave up and died as well.

Yes it will be difficult and people will not know how to react around you but your focus needs to be on YOU and how YOU feel. You can not grieve for everyone around you each individual will feel differently . You will have tough days but out of the tough days look for a positive a memory or a saying or a place to go to that reminds you of the special person by doing this you are turning the negatives into positives and this will help you have more and more happy thoughts than sad ones.

My main one is to always talk about the person you have lost also don’t stop because it may upset someone else. They were apart of your life and it will help you to remember the fun times and smile.

Finally it’s not bad to cry, if you need to do it. The grieving will never go away but it will get liveable.

I’ve been through grief and out the other side and it is truly possible.

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